About Sambrita

“We gaze, therefore we are”!
Stories dwell tantalizingly close to us, around us, within us yet we continuously fail to pause and capture! Our stereotypical concepts of story -telling and spelling out obvious facts and form keep us from unearthing stories and pictures beyond the realm of the obvious. Stories could be anything that catches our imagination, sticks to our fancies urging us to react to it.
And I react.
I look around and find joy in people’s joy, jump with the street urchin playing with the water hose, feel the pain on a wrinkled face when he begs for money, or delight in the delight of a tourist savouring a delicacy on an unknown street in an unknown country. I talk to people. I talk a lot. And make mental notes, that will spin its way to a tale eventually.
Places I have visited stay with me in the form of stories that get spun in my brain-web. Travel itineraries bore me. Tourism booths fail me. I don’t like waiting for fancy deals on airplanes to make my trip well worth the buck. If I come back from my visit with a camera-load of memories and a soul full of native stories that make me want to write, my trip has been worthwhile.
I am from Kolkata, where food (with equal importance to football and politics!) is religion! Apart from the fascination and importance of food being in my blood, I have been fortunate to have a circle of friends and folks, who are equally religious about food.
Hence, my travel tales invariably dwell on the food of that place. Its almost that it makes or breaks the experience for me. Local sampling of food, is a must in all my travels. Very often, I walk the extra mile to make sure I am mixing with the right locals who can help me savour and talk about the food that they make. Once they become my food-buddies, their stories become my stories.
I don’t write for a living but I live to write.  Have loved to write ever since I figured I could! I find joy in sharing my experiences, collecting stories of people who have made a difference in my travels, by sharing their stories.
I love gypsies. I love long drives. I love dancing in the rain.
I love to shop for groceries. I love conjuring up my weekly menus when I am in the grocery aisles.
I am very curious. I ask too many questions, I am told.
I loved growing up as the single-child. Not only because I was spoilt, but because it made me fall in love with companionship. I hate staying alone for long periods of time. I miss noises.
Nothing in the world makes me happier, than discovering a frame from everyday life that could have been captured by my camera.
This space is a repository of my reactions and quirkiness. They are a collection of tales and stories, spun together, through the medium of writing, food and photographs.