Caffiene Cravings

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Caffiene Cravings

A company interviewed me yesterday.

They liked me and my ‘profile’!

I might even get an offer.

But,no..thank you.

The feeling is not mutual.

They make atrocious coffee!Period.

Laxmi Brooke. Not ‘Fresh and Honest’..

And that ,makes so much and all of the difference.

Right after the interview, I dropped by at a friend’s place. He stays in the next neighborhood. 5 minutes from the company that was interviewing me.

He seemed pretty amused,too! ‘What??You don’t like their coffee?’ 🙂

Yess..yesss..its that serious!

My morning craving.Caffeine.Pure,unadulterated coffee.

Sigh! If only there was a Starbucks, satiate my thirst.

I miss you..I miss you more than Barnes & Nobles,at times!

My journey with coffee started rather late in life for someone who cant live without her morning shot, curently! At home, it was always Nescafe, mixed harmlessly with half milk and half water. “Strong” coffee, simply meant adding an additional half-tea-spoon of the instant coffee powder. Those were also,school-days when having a cup of coffee(when all you are STILL supposed to consume is a glass of milk!), was a luxury. But those were also growing up years, and a time when you are fast entering adulthood. And coffee was for adults at home. Not for us. I didnt go to collge in Calcutta-otherwise I would have missed that leg of growing up, where days and afternoons are spent at the Coffee House, an institution almost now synonimous with the ettiquettes of a normal Bengali!

Anyways, post my Calcutta years when I was in Manipal, I got initiated to an unique(but prevalent,I am sure!) form of making a “strong” cup of coffee. A close friend taught me how, if I beat the instant coffee, with the sugar and a spoon of milk, till it completely dissolves to a creamy consistency,beige in colour, and then if I add half-n-half of milk and water, the coffee, not only froths up delightfully, it tastes surprisingly stronger and satiates your caffiene craving even furthur.

(PS: I tried this technique the first time Raj came home for coffee. From someone who has stayed in the land of Starbucks, recieving a compliment on my coffee making skills was an achievement,I would think!)

Manipal was also to introduce me to “filter” coffee. Among a lot of the “first-times” that happened during my stay in Manipal-become truly addicted to coffee was one of them.

It was November 2001, at the airport in Taipei(a stop-over, while we headed to Los Angeles), I sipped my first Starbucks. What a memorable,unforgettable day for a coffee lover.

Then there was no stopping me. Like I keep saying,I am a loyalist. So, although I have had friends (even in the USA) spell that there are better coffees than Starbucks, I will still stick out my throat and vote for Starbucks.

I am sure this is no great feat, for someone who hasnt observed enough-but I have had coffee in 17 different countries around the world, and countless cities and small towns within them.

Not a single vacation of mine has started without a cup of Ahua/Kafe/Koffie/Kaffa/Kaffee/Kuhii/El Cafe! Some of them have been at spectacular settings and most interesting places: the Parisian ones, the Italian tucked in coffee-shops, the greek bookshop-etc, but my favourite place in the whole world(parts that I have travelled)is at the local Barnes & Nobles couch, a novel in my hand..tucked into oblivion about what time of the day it is, sipping cardboard cups of house coffee, after coffee!

Coffee rules! And always will!